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Quality, as far as we are concerned is not just about appearance and dimensions. In our business its about:

Meeting the spec...

Its quite commonplace for us to be asked to supply, for example, Flanges or Fittings to an ASTM specification, but also conforming to a client/project spec with restricts further the analysis, requires Manufacturing Procedure Qualification, Third Party witness of testing etc. Whatever you need, we can do it .

Extra Testing...

M.P.I., L.P.I., Ultrasonics, Impacts, P.M.I., Product Analysis, Hardness Surveys, H.I.C., - no problem !


If you need a quality plan, certificates, Heat Treatment charts, a full quality dossier, 3.1/3.2 certificates or just a letter of conformity well be happy to do it and well send a set with the goods and wherever else you need.

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